Complete Fire & Safety Training delivered by experienced and qualified fire experts.

e Fire and safety have been at the forefront of providing businesses in Western Australia & South Australia with customized workplace fire safety training and offer a range of courses that help to ensure the safety of your staff.

e Fire and Safety’s range of Fire Safety Training ensure your staff are trained to act quickly and follow the correct procedures in the event of a fire at the workplace. e Fire and Safety offer both Accredited and Non-Accredited First Attack Training Courses which are conducted by our qualified trainer who will ensure your staff are fully versed in identifying and operating Fire Extinguishers – this includes hands-on training (weather permitting).

Whatever your fire safety training need, we can provide the tools and experienced instructors to conduct a well-received program including hands on Fire Extinguisher Training and Fire Warden Training.


Onsite Training – Approx 1.5 Hours

Fire can strike at any time with little to no warning. Having properly trained staff is essential to ensure the safety of the buildings’ occupants in case of an emergency. e Fire and Safety have developed a unique and efficient Fire Warden course that can be utilised Australia wide.

Our qualified trainers will tailor a plan to suit the building or complex based on the occupancy, tenants and fire safety equipment to ensure accuracy for your Fire Warden. For an additional cost, we also offer assistance in the development of evacuation plans for your building, if required.


Onsite Training – Approx 1 Hour

Being able to use fire safety equipment correctly and efficiently can mean the different between life and death.

e Fire & Safety provides one of the most comprehensive fire extinguisher training courses in Australia. Our courses are designed to minimise risk to your business, home and community.

All courses are carried out by our certified trainers and can be catered to suit your personal and/or business needs. With the option to run them internally, externally, as a group or individual, e Fire & Safety will ensure participants leave feeling confident in fire safety.